Newsletter – September 2011

September 2011

SOS-San Francisco

Outreach Report


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Riverbank Bible Church youth choir at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Dear Christian friends,

In recent years, our ministry has tried to work with youth groups, training them in evangelism and introducing them to street witnessing. On July 1, a team of 50 high school students from Faith Baptist Church in Iowa Park, Texas, joined us on the streets. They found us through an internet search for “San Francisco evangelism.” We witnessed at Powell and Market Streets. The following week, I did two outreaches with a high school choir from Riverbank Bible Church in Fresno. On July 5, the choir sang at Fisherman’s Wharf and on July 9, they witnessed and gave out food to the homeless at Powell and Market St.

Two weeks before our SOS-San Francisco outreach began, I received a call from Grace Chapel in Sanford, North Carolina. They were bringing a team of 35 youth and 12 adults from their church to San Francisco.

Their mission trip coincided with our SOS outreach, so they were able to join us for three afternoon outreaches. Also, for the sixth year, the youth from the Assembly of God in Payson, Utah joined us for the outreach.

On Wednesday afternoon, we witnessed at Fisherman’s Wharf from noon to 8 PM. The North Carolina youth performed some skits and sang. Karol and Joan witnessed to a restaurant waitress and prayed with her. They also witnessed to people from Dubai, Kuwait, Poland and Hungary. Joan also prayed with a woman who was selling gold chains on the street. I gave out tracts to 50 children who are from my neighborhood in Oakland.

Gayle witnessed to a Jewish woman from Brazil. Gayle is also Jewish. She shared her testimony and explained the gospel to her.  She gave a tract to an Hispanic man who was sitting on a bench. After he read the tract, Karol shared the gospel with him in Spanish and prayed with him. Karol and Gayle also witnessed to a Catholic family with two children, aged 13 and 11. After explaining the gospel to them, they all prayed together.

On the way to Fisherman’s Wharf, Loretta met a woman who was soliciting funds for Planned Parenthood. Loretta told her that the Devil came to destroy life, but God wants to give us true life through Jesus Christ. After their conversation, the woman said she would be getting a different job tomorrow. Loretta gave her a New Testament.

On Friday, we witnessed on Haight Street. Paul and Noreen Coca witnessed to Nathan, who works at a restaurant across the street from where we set up our PA system. Nathan was a friend of their son, and they had witnessed to him 16 years ago, but had not seen him since. Kylan witnessed to Yuji, a young Japanese man, in Japanese. Yuji had never heard the gospel.

On Saturday, Calvary Assembly of God in Merced brought three music groups to play at Union Square. The park was showing a movie that night, so they set out a few hundred chairs. Many people sat down and listened to us. Afterwards, we marched through Chinatown. Mai, who is from China, preached in Chinese and we gave out about 500 Chinese tracts.

We concluded the outreach with a rally at Washington Square Park. We gave out Chinese tracts to 75 students from Taiwan. Mai witnessed to some of them in Chinese. I gave tracts to three women who live in San Francisco. They said we were everywhere. They had seen us Friday on Haight Street, that morning at Union Square, and now at Washington Square. I told them we were only at one place at a time. “That’s quite a coincidence,” I said, “Maybe God is trying to get your attention.” They agreed.

While Jeromy was preaching, I noticed two teenage boys with skateboards listening to him. Afterwards, I witnessed to them. The two boys, Jimo and Jackson, live in San Francisco, and have their own concepts of God. I challenged them to consider whether their concept was true. I shared with them about the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah, and how Jesus fulfilled them.

Throughout the outreach, Paul and Noreen Coca and Tim Moon played music, and the Utah team performed skits. I especially want to thank Christ Church at Park Presidio for providing us with a meeting place.

Coming Events

Note: Outreaches are subject to change. Call (510) 761-6120 to confirm outreaches or for more information.

Friday September 2, 9, 23 and 30 Witnessing in San Francisco neighborhoods. 7:30-10 PM (Call for location).

Sat. September 3 Berkeley Outreach. 12:30-4:30 PM Telegraph & Haste St.

Sat. September 10 San Francisco Evangelism Outreach Dolores Park, 19th St. and Dolores 1-5 PM “Factor 11”

Sat. September 24 San Francisco Evangelism Outreach UN Plaza, 7th St. and Market, 12-5 PM

Ministry News

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for this ministry. Please pray for those who were ministered to during SOS-San Francisco, as well as during our other evangelism outreaches. Please pray also for the Christians, especially the youth, who witnessed with us, that they will make evangelism a priority in their lives. We still have two openings in our house for Christian men who are serious about evangelism. Please pray that God will provide the right people.

I hope you can join us for an outreach this next month.

Yours in His love,

Larry Rosenbaum


Photo 2 Outreach Photos 113

North Carolina youth do “cardboard testimonies”

Photo 3 Outreach Photos 302

Calvary  Assembly Merced youth pass out tracts at Union Square.

Photo 4 Outreach Photos 259

Kylan witnesses to Yuji in Japanese.

Photo 5 Outreach Photos 294

Calvary Assembly, Merced, youth band at Union Square.

Photo 6 Outreach Photos 391

Jimo and Jackson listen to Jeromy preach at Washington Square.


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