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Most of us have at one time asked ourselves about the meaning of life.

Who am I ?

How did I get here ?

Is there a God ?

What will happen to me after I die ?

We can look at the world around us and see the magnificence of nature and realize that all of this could not have happened except by some intelligent designer. At the same time, we can look at human society and see all the problems that we have not been able to solve and wonder what went wrong.

God has given us a guidebook to explain why this world is the way it is. In this book, The Bible, God says that He created us to know Him. However, He also gave us a free will and we chose to disobey Him. This disobedience, which the Bible calls sin, separates us from God, and is the basis for all the problems in the world. “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. Romans 3:23.

We can see how much we have sinned by looking at the Ten Commandments. These commandments are part of God’s law, and by looking at them we can see some of the ways in which we have sinned. Here are some of them:

You shall worship the one true God alone, with all your strength.

Never take God’s name in vain (use it casually or profanely).

Honor your father and mother at all times. Do not commit adultery. (Jesus added, Do not look at a woman or man with lust in your heart.’)

Do not steal anything.

Do not tell any lies or make any false statements.

Do not ever covet after material things.

Have you ever broken any of these laws? How many times? None of us has totally kept God’s law. I suppose that all of us have sometimes failed to honor God, failed to honor our parents, been guilty of sexual sin, stolen things, told lies, and coveted after material things. If you only sinned three times in a day (and surely we all sin much more than that) by the time you were 20 you would have committed over 20,000 sins! If you were convicted of that many crimes, how long would you spend in prison?

We humans tend to make excuses for our sins. (For example: “It’s OK to steal from this person because he is rich and I am poor.”) However, God views every sin as an extremely serious violation of His law. In His justice, He has required that a penalty be paid for our sins. If we had to pay it ourselves, that penalty would be eternal punishment in God’s prison, which is called Hell. This is the Bad News, which we must understand before we can appreciate the Good News.

Our Only Hope

The Good News is that God loves us and has provided one means through which we could be forgiven for our sins and reconciled to Him. He sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.” John 14.6. Jesus never sinned and therefore deserved no punishment for sin. But He died a cruel death on the cross to take upon Himself the punishment we deserved for our sins. Three days later, He rose from the dead so we could be justified in God’s eyes and live forever with Him.

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” Romans 6:23. Eternal life is a gift. We cannot earn it by our own works. We receive eternal life when we put our faith in Jesus Christ and in what He did for us in dying for our sins.

“As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name.” John 1:12. In order to receive eternal life, to be forgiven for our sins and enter into a right relationship with our Creator, we need to allow Jesus Christ to be Lord of our life and trust in Him to be our Savior.

The word “repent” means to change our mind about something, to turn around and go the other way. Before we come to Jesus Christ, we are living for ourselves, doing what we want to do. When we come to Jesus Christ, we need to let Him be Lord of our lives, to find out what He wants us to do and seek to obey Him. We need to realize that the way we have been going is wrong, and that God’s way is right, and make a decision to live God’s way, through the strength He gives us.

Right now you can get your life in right relationship with God. This is what you must do:

Admit that you have sinned against God.

Believe that Jesus Christ paid for your sins and rose from the dead.

Decide to let Jesus Christ be Lord of your life and to allow Him to guide and direct you.

Ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and come into your life and make you the kind of person He wants you to be. God wants to put His Spirit inside you so that you will have the ability to live for Him.

How to Pray to Jesus

The following is an example of a prayer you can pray right now to get your life right with God. There are no “magic words” that will save you, but if you honestly ask God to save you through Jesus Christ, He will honor your prayer. Do not put off this decision. You don’t know when your life will end.

“Jesus I know that I have sinned against you. I believe that you died for my sins and rose from the dead. Now I ask you to be Lord of my life. Come into my life and make me the kind of person you want me to be. Show me each day what you want me to do. Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life with you.”

If you asked Jesus to save you, we will send you some information to help you live for Him. Please e-mail, write or call us. We would love to talk to you and help you with your new life in Jesus Christ.

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