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SOS Evangelism Ministry House

SOS Evangelism Ministry House

SOS Ministries Evangelism House

In 1979, ten Christians with a desire to reach San Francisco for Jesus moved into a house near San Francisco State University. Together, they became the core of a new outreach ministry — SOS Ministries. Since that time, thousands of Christians have participated in our annual week-long outreach called SOS- San Francisco. We organize a weekly street witnessing team in San Francisco and Berkeley on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We also sponsor “church on the street” outreaches twice a month, working with different local churches.

Since 1979, the SOS evangelism house (now located in Oakland) has been the headquarters for SOS Ministries. By living together, staff members of SOS have been able to encourage one another to continue witnessing for Jesus. At the same time, house members receive on-the-job training in practical evangelism. They learn about training Christians in evangelism, organizing a weekly street witnessing team and a city-wide outreach, and working with local churches.

Are You Called?

We are looking for radical Christians — those who take seriously the commandment of our Lord to preach the gospel. Five million people live in the San Francisco area. Few are born‑again believers. They come from almost every nation on earth. Many have never heard the gospel. In addition, millions of tourists from all over the world visit San Francisco each year. Many of them do not know about Jesus. Many children and teenagers in San Francisco have never heard the gospel. Many adults have no Christian friends or co‑workers witnessing to them.

Is God calling you to join us in reaching the people of the San Francisco area for Jesus? We are looking for “a few good men” to join us in this effort. We are looking for Christians with a servant’s heart, so we can work together in unity. This house is for spiritually-mature believers with a calling in evangelism. As far as I know, there is no other ministry house like this where Christians can get practical training in outdoor evangelism.

Right now, we are looking for two or three men in their 20’s or 30’s. Although we are open to having older people in our house, we especially need to train younger believers in evangelism – to reach a new generation and help us continue this work of evangelizing San Francisco and Berkeley.

I am interested in the SOS ministry house. Please send me some more information and an application form.


A Testimony From Larry DuBois

larry dubois sos ministries oakland

Larry DuBois in Front of SOS Evangelism House

Over the years I have always had a heart for doing evangelism and felt called to street preaching. In the past, partners to help me undertake this endeavor were few and far between. I was encouraged when I first met up with SOS as I saw others fulfilling the same ministry I was called to. I moved into the house back in April of 2007. Prior to moving in, I was traveling back and forth between Sacramento and the Bay Area to do outreaches. I have lived in group situations before, but never with the opportunity that was put before me here. I feel at home here in Oakland and at the SOS Evangelism House.

It would be great for some more workers to come here and team up with us. The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the best places to witness for several reasons. For one thing, the weather is great! I am from Seattle and Gospel tracts can get very wet up there. The excellent weather makes it possible to witness virtually all year long. Here’s the second thing: It doesn’t seem to matter when and where you go in the city, there are always lots of people. Many tourists come here from all over the world in addition to the local residents. Lots of people get to hear the Gospel. For these reasons it also makes for a great training ground. Come check us out!

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