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Larry Rosenbaum

Larry Rosenbaum

Larry Rosenbaum
Raised in a Jewish home, he studied psychology at Yale University (B.A.) and Brandeis University (M.A.) before receiving Christ in 1970. Two months after he was saved, Larry started witnessing on the streets. He has been witnessing on the streets consistently since then. He is the author of the book You Shall Be My Witnesses: How to Reach Your City for Christ. Several thousand copies have been sold nationwide, helping many to start outreaches in their own communities. He has taught at churches and evangelism conferences throughout the country. Larry attends New Life Christian Church in Hayward, California

SOS Board of Advisers


Paul Coca

Paul Coca was born in San Francisco and is founder and director of Firefall Ministries in his hometown of Angels Camp. Paul and his wife, Noreen have been doing street ministry for over twenty years. Paul is an active board member with a hands on approach. The Coca’s provide about 40% of our music out on the streets during the course of a year. Besides SOS Ministries, the Coca’s own and operate 2 jewelry stores in the Angels Camp area. When they are not busy doing that, they are with their grandchildren or making a professional music CD. Check it out at:



Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford began doing street evangelism with Resurrection City in Berkeley in the early 1970’s. In the late 1970’s, he organized an annual outreach to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, which today is the largest annual evangelism outreach of its kind. In 1980, he helped bring together pastors and evangelists to form SOS Ministries. He also helped start the National Street Ministry Conference and the International Street Ministries Association. Today, he is involved in small town evangelism and teaching evangelism in local churches.- Director, Preach Across America



Dennis McNally

Dennis McNally In 1980, Dennis began pastoring The Candle, a storefront church in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco that was founded by David Wilkerson. He was head pastor of New Life Christian Church (Castro Valley, CA)  from 1983-2007. Today he travels around the world, particularly in undeveloped nations, ministering to local churches and training Christians in the exercise of spiritual gifts.




Doug Shearer

Doug Shearer In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Doug began bringing teams of Christians from Sacramento to evangelize San Francisco. In the early 1980’s, he founded TAV Ministries, which promoted dialog between Jewish rabbis and evangelical Christian leaders, and joint worship services between Jews and Evangelical Christians. Doug is the founder and Pastor Emeritus, New Hope Christian Fellowship, Sacramento, CA.



SOS Volunteers & Supporters

We especially want to thank all the volunteers and supporters who join us on outreaches, pray behind the scenes, and contribute financially to the ministry. Without your help, SOS Ministries would not exist. Thank you for helping us bring the gospel to the people of San Francisco and Berkeley. It would be impossible to mention everyone by name that have had a role in the ministry over the years. Current Staff Members Summer 2014 – Dave St. Marie, Eddie Shields, Larry DuBois, Mike Hodgdon

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