Teachings Listed in Alphabetical Order

21st Century Evangelism
Act of God
Apologetics & Evangelism
Attitudes During Gospel Conversations
Beginning of Wisdom
Bringing in the Harvest
Christian Apologetics – PDF
Church Growth
Cloud of Witnesses
Common Questions & Objections Concerning Christianity
Dealing With Opposition
Disturbing the Peace
Do We Need the Local Church?
Does God Judge the Nations?
Don’t Change the Message
Economic Freedom
Effective Street Preaching
End Times Evangelism
Entertaining Angels
Evangelism & Social Action
Evangelism & The Local Church
Evangelism in Israel
Evangelism in the 21st Century – (Different than other by same name)
Ex Gay Movement
Genuine Conversion
Getting a Passion for Souls
Getting Our Priorities Right
Getting Your Church Involved in Street Witnessing
Giving a Reason
Handwriting on the Wall
Harmless as Doves
Help Wanted – Evangelist
High Visibility Evangelism
History of Glad Tidings
History of Street Preaching
How Dry I am
I’d Rather Be Witnessing
Introduction To Personal Evangelism
Involving Youth in Evangelism
Jesus & Santa Claus
Jesus & The Jewish Bible
Lion in the Streets
Loving the Church Visitor
Man From George Street
Mobilizing the Church
Motivating the Church
Moved With Compassion
New Testament Preaching
No Room at the Inn
Obeying The Great Commission
Open Air Evangelism
Open Air Preaching
Organizing A City-Wide Evangelistic Outreach
Overcoming Fear
Parable of the Two Ships
Perilous Times
Praise & Worship on the Streets
Preaching the Gospel Today
Reaching Our Generation
Reaching The Skeptic
Redeeming The Time
Render Unto God
Responding to Pro-Gay Theology – PDF
Revival & Harvest
Revival or Judgment?
Revival Spreading Across College Campuses
SOS – The International Distress Signal
Salt of the Earth
Selling Their Souls For Rock n Roll
Servant Evangelism
Shaking the Dust Off
Shopping Center Evangelism
Signs of the Times
Spiritual Resistance Against the Church
Starting a Weekly Street Witnessing Team
Street Evangelism in the 90’s
Street Preaching in the Bible
Taking San Francisco For God
Taking the Church to the Streets
Ten Servants
The Beginning of Wisdom
The Big Bang Theory
The Effectiveness of Open Air Evangelism
The “Gay” Church
The Great Omission
The Greatest Need
The Incredibly Shrinking Gay Gene
The Jewish Messiah
The Justice of God
The Offense of the Cross
The Whole Counsel of God
Thirty Years
Unleashing the Church
Welcome to Heaven
When Necessary Use Words
Whole City Evangelism
Why Have a City-Wide Outreach?
Why Should We Witness?
Without Excuse
Witnessing at High Schools & Colleges
Witnessing at Work
Witnessing in the Rain
Witnessing to Different Kinds of People
Witnessing To Homosexuals
Witnessing to Skeptics
Would Peter Give a Damn?

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