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We do not mail tracts to Christians, but we encourage you to print them from this website and take them to a printer or copy service. None have a copyright.

We try to give out tracts that explain the gospel clearly and fully. A high school student can understand them, yet they do not insult the intelligence of a college professor. The tracts tell a person why they must be saved, what they must do to be saved, and contain a prayer the person can pray to receive Christ. They also have our address and phone number and contain a coupon the reader can mail to receive more information about Jesus.

Another thing you will notice about our tracts is that they use the law, specifically the Ten Commandments, to show people why they need a Savior. Until a person sees himself as a lost sinner in need of a Savior, he will not appreciate what Christ has done for him.

Here are a few websites for tracts, Most are free: World Missionary Press ~ Fellowship Tract League ~ Living Waters

Below is an Assortment of our Free Downloadable & Printable Tracts

SOS Gospel Tract - Questions SOS Gospel Tract - Biggest Mistake SOS Gospel Tract - Herbert Spencer
View Questions Tract View The Biggest Mistake Tract View Herbert Spencer Tract


SOS Gospel Tract - 7 Important Questions SOS Gospel Tract - Ultimate Gamble SOS Gospel Tract - Herbert Spencer
View 7 Important Questions Tract View The Ultimate Gamble Tract View Evolution Tract


SOS Gospel Tract - Marijuana Who is the Man Gospel Tract World Peace Gospel Tract
View Marijuana Tract View Who is the Man Tract View World Peace Tract


SOS Ministries Gospel Tracts - San Francisco
San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in the world. Renowned for its beauty (and tourist trade), San Francisco is also well known as the spawning ground for many social movements that have influenced the entire world. During the sixties, millions of young people were drawn into the "hippie" movement, which was centered in San Francisco. These people turned to psych-edelic drugs, rock music, and sexual permissiveness in the search for love, peace, and meaning for their lives. Many young people got involved in antiwar activities and social protests in an attempt to change their more by going to link below:

What the World Needs Now
San Francisco Tract View What the World Needs Now Tract


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The Biggest Mistake
Herbert Spencer
7 Important Questions
Ultimate Gamble
Who is the Man
World Peace
What the World Needs Now
San Francisco Tract

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